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How are you feeling right now? Perhaps a little anxious at taking your first steps to finding a counsellor. That’s completely normal. Well done for getting this far! Life can feel difficult at times but if you are struggling, you don’t have to face your worries alone.

Perhaps you have felt low, anxious, weighed down or drained for a while, or maybe you have recently started to feel that something isn’t quite right. I am here to help you.

Many of us experience times in life when we feel unhappy, lost, empty, stressed, worried or stuck and sometimes it may feel like it will never get better. I can help you to manage your anxiety, ease feelings of guilt and shame, feel more comfortable in asking for your needs to be met, more confident in saying no, and feel happier within yourself.

Counselling could really help you.

Counselling is for everyone, not just for those who are in crisis. It’s an opportunity for you to really get to know yourself better, work out what causes you to feel stuck and enable you to move forward.

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